News and events

[23. Sep 2015]

BIOMeD project "success story" at TETRACOM

At the TETRACOM Workshop during the HiPEAC CSW, Milan, Sept. 23 2015, we participated as one of the eight Technology Transfer Projects “success stories” reporting the results on the Non-invasive bio impedance sensor design based on wide bandwidth ring resonator (BIOMeD project).

newsID44 [14. Sep 2015]

New EU-project starts to reduce food waste across Europe

16 September 2015 marks the start of the EU Horizon 2020 funded project "Resource Efficient Food and dRink for the Entire Supply cHain" (REFRESH). 26 partners from 12 European countries and China will work towards the project's goal to contribute towards the objectives of reducing food waste across Europe by 30% by 2025, reducing waste management costs, and maximizing the value from unavoidable food waste and packaging materials. REFRESH will run from July 2015 – June 2019.

newsID43 [29. Jun 2015]

QuaLiFY meeting

From 29th June to 1st July we are organizing a working meeting of QuaLiFY, which is a 2.5 Mio EU-funded project using results from previous EU-funded projects on food composition and intake, and the relationships between who we are (genotype, phenotype) and what we eat (nutritional status).

newsID41 [06. May 2015]

MANTIS - ECSEL project

The overall concept of MANTIS (Cyber Physical System based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance) is to provide a proactive maintenance service platform architecture based on Cyber Physical Systems that allows to estimate future performance, to predict and prevent imminent failures and to schedule proactive maintenance.

[28. Apr 2015]

Summer camp

Our department and Gimnazija Bežigrad co-organize the summer camp "Med naravo in umetnostjo" (Between nature and art) from 29th June to 3th July in Veržej,Slovenia.

newsID39 [16. Mar 2015]

PD_manager - H2020 project

Our department is involved in a new PD_Manager project, which will allow people with Parkinson's to be followed by a multidisciplinary team, with the use of easy and accessible technologies.

[28. Nov 2014]

Faculty's Prešeren student award

The Master thesis of Domen Butala, titled "Solving Unit commitment problem with a genetic algorithm", was awarded with Faculty's Prešeren award for Research Achievement. The work was co-mentored by Gregor Papa.

newsID37 [14. Nov 2014]

Å olski lonec

Welcome to the new portal Å olski lonec that provides e-content and e-tools for school nutrition, developed by Computer Systems in cooperation with the Slovenian National Institute for Public Health!

newsID36 [13. Nov 2014]

Libra pocket-size scale

Libra is a pocket-size scale aimed to support diabetic patients in self-management of the disease. It operates in combination with the Android mobile application Nutri that counts carbohydrates in food and calculates bolus insulin. Nutri can also be wirelessly connected with a glucose meter. The project was supported by the Slovenian Ministry of Health.

newsID35 [13. Sep 2014]

PPSN XIII konference

Co-organization of the 13th International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature.

newsID33 [10. Apr 2014]

HCI-IS 2014 conference

Our department co-organizes the HCI-IS 2014 conference. Submit papers describing the research, case studies, practical guidelines and opinion papers on all aspects of Human-Computer Interaction and usability engineering.

[29. Mar 2014]

ACCUS project meeting

Our department co-organizes the ACCUS project meeting, April 1-3, 2014.

newsID32 [10. Mar 2014]

PPSN 2014 conference

Paper submission deadline is approaching - the 13th International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving From Nature (PPSN 2014) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on September 13-17, 2014 is co-organized by our department.

[26. Feb 2014]

Doctoral Dissertation Defence of Lucas Benedičič

Lucas Benedičič defended his doctoral dissertation entitled "Optimization and parallelization methods for the design of next-generation radio networks", supervised by Peter Korošec and Tomaž Javornik.

[22. Oct 2013]

Research promotion

Our department presents the research activities at the student job-trade at the Faculty of mathematics and physics.

newsID26 [01. Jun 2013]

PPSN 2014 conference

Our department is co-organizing The 13th International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving From Nature (PPSN 2014) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on September 13-17, 2014.

newsID22 [24. Apr 2013]

The CDASA paper published on-line

Paper "The continuous differential ant-stigmergy algorithm for numerical optimization" was published online in the Computational Optimization and Applications journal.

[13. Feb 2013]

The EuroFIR Nexus 2nd Annual Meeting & Conference

From 4th to 8th March, 2013, CSD will host the Consortium of the FP7 EuroFIR Nexus project. The final project meeting will include the International Conference on "Developments in Food Composition Information Systems supporting ethnic and traditional food in Europe". Renowned researchers from the fields of food, nutrition and computer sciences will present latest achievements. The meeting and the conference will be held in Best Western Hotel Slon Ljubljana.

[21. Dec 2012]

eDietetik - project start

We will develop e-services and mobile application eDietetik that will provide information to the consumer about the adequacy of food products according to their individual needs through a bar-code scanning.

[01. Nov 2012]

Research visit

Lucas Benedičič returned from 3-month research visit in the Nagasaki Advanced Computing Center at the University of Nagasaki. He researched on high-performance and GPU implementation of optimization algorithms for mobile systems.

[20. Jul 2012]

HiPEAC membership

Franc Novak and Stanislav Kovačič have been approved as new members of HiPEAC - Network of excellence on High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation.

[04. Jun 2012]

Mobile web site

Mobile version of this web site is available.

newsID16 [29. May 2012]

BIOMA 2012 conference

Our department co-organized The fifth biennial BIOMA conference in Bohinj, Slovenia, on 24-25 May. There were two keynote speakers and 28 presentations on the latest theoretical and applied results in bioinspired optimization methodologies and their applications.

[05. May 2012]


We are looking for young-researcher candidates (for postgraduate studies in the field of computer systems), graduates for research on domestic and international projects, and students.